Video Poker Strategies – Improving Your Odds

Video poker has fast become one of the world’s favourite online casino games – and with good reason too. It’s a fast-paced and easy-to-grasp gamble that has the potential to lead to some seriously impressive returns, but even if you don’t make a fortune, you’ll still have a great time trying your hand.

So, are there are any strategies to follow that can help improve your chances of success? Everyone has their own theory, but follow these tried and tested tips and you really can’t go wrong:

Practice Makes Perfect

The biggest bonus of all that comes with playing video poker online – you can usually play for free. Sure you won’t win anything, but at the same time the knowledge, skills and experience you’ll chalk up are absolutely priceless. The games are exactly the same as they would be were you playing for big money, so while you might not exactly get the same thrill and could be more prone to taking risks with your fake bank balance, it’s a great and largely unique way of learning the ropes.


Bigger Bets Mean Bigger Prizes

Betting over and above your means is never a good idea, but if you can afford to do so and you have the skills to back up your moves, the rewards can be huge. Depending on the game you play and which casino you choose, the number of coins you bet per hand could mean the difference between 200 to 1 odds and 800 to 1 odds – the latter being a route to potential riches. As always, you risk losing more by betting more, but the odds of actually coming out with the hand you’re praying for are the same whether you bet a single coin or all the coins in your account.

Making Sensible Trades

There’s an element of chance involved of course, but for the most part what makes the difference between winning and losing in video poker play is how you play your trades. Keep the right cards and you’re quids-in – let them go and you’re toast. How can you know which cards to trade? Well, this is precisely where practice and research come into the equation as if you don’t know which hands are worth what, you’re already barking up the wrong tree. Use the web to find a simple yet comprehensive guide to poker hands, including how to work out the odds of any given cards coming up in accordance with those you can see.

Play Progressive Poker Slots

Your odds of winning the lottery aren’t great, but you still play it, right? Well, why not take the same logic with you to the world of video poker – progressive jackpots are out there for the taking. A progressive jackpot is a sizeable pool of money that’s added to each time a player pumps money into a slot. It could be a single machine or the combined total from thousands of machines worldwide – either way the resulting sum can be life-changing. So if you’re going to play video poker, you may as well give yourself the opportunity to score big in the process. Your odds aren’t great, but they’re infinitely better than if you never bothered trying at all.