Mr Green Casino

Mr. Green is one of the funnest online casinos out there. The unmistakable green colour scheme and variety of games available make it a favourite among many players. Mr. Green casino originally started in Sweden, but achieved popularity among many European countries in 2012. The site ( ) is a great bet as they have an average payout of 97.4% and various new player sign up bonuses. Making Mr. Green your first choice for slots or roulette could really pay off.

A newcomer among online gaming platforms, Mr. Green has only been in existence since the later part of 2008. While Mr. Green originally intended to become popular among Swedish gamers, the platform is now accessible to those in a variety of different European countries. The platform has been praised for the cleverness of its construction and the entertaining quality of its design and use.


Promotional Offers

The first deposit into a Mr. Green account includes a Welcome Bonus, and new users can also be rewarded with 10-20 free slot game spins when they sign up. Customers from this site, Casino Poker Guide, are eligible for a Welcome Bonus of £250 by clicking on the below button.  The welcome bonus offered on Mr. Green tends to exceed generous bonuses offered through similar platforms. There are also tournaments and other jackpot opportunities that allow users to boost their account balances, and jackpot prizes can be as high as £3 million on the Mr. Green platform.


The software utilized by the Mr. Green platform is truly refreshing. Mr. Green does not rely on a single software manufacturer, but rather combines an eclectic mix of software authorities, including Betsoft, Net Entertainment, and IGT. Those at Mr. Green have hand-picked the games and features to include in the platform so that users can enjoy only the ultimate in entertainment when gaming online. A version of the Mr. Green online casino for download is not yet available. However, any Flash system can support the desktop site so that it is compatible with both Mac and Windows. One minor downside to the online system is that it is required that cookies be allowed before one is able to play. However, it’s important to note that the cookies can be removed after one has finished.

Graphics and Usability

Perhaps one of the best features of Mr. Green is the stellar graphics that the platform offers. Yet the user interface is also highly praiseworthy and convenient. The entire platform has clearly been conceived and designed with the aim of providing high entertainment value in combination with unparalleled ease of use. You’ll want to pay attention when using the Mr. Green Casino to all of the fantastic visuals at the same time that you keep a close eye on your game.

Gaming Options

Classic casino games, video slot games, and mega jackpots are represented in the offerings of the Mr. Green online casino. Among the offerings are 18 poker options, eight different types of roulette, and more than 150 slot machine games. Mr. Green is a great platform for the seasoned gambler, with competitive game play driven by a powerful 3D engine in the case of the majority of the slot games on the platform. At the same time, a more classic feel is achieves in the traditional casino game offerings, and card games are presented in a format that is very straightforward and easy to understand.

An attractive Mr. Green feature is the possibility to try a game out before you pay for it. Obviously, Mr. Green values entertaining users over creating a serious gambling atmosphere. This is clear in the fact that users can play as much as they want and try out any game they want for free before depositing money into an account.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Several factors combine to make Mr. Green a highly secure online gaming platform. The fact that Mr. Green’s gaming license originates from Malta and the use of SSL encryption on the platform mean that Mr. Green users enjoy unparalleled security. Users can make payments to the platform using either credit or debit cards, and the site also accommodates payment services such as Neteller, InstantBank, and Skrill. It is also worth noting that the Swedish National Laboratory of forensic Science assists in security efforts on the platform by verifying the random numbers generator for transactions and operations on the site.

For a fantastic visual experience along with a wide range of games and superior security, Mr. Green is an ideal online platform for the novice and the seasoned gambler alike.