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Everything You Need to Know about Online Bingo and Chat Room Lingo


There’s a good reason why the traditional, live bingo games were – and still are – so successful. It’s not only about the classical game, where everybody gathers, checks the cards, and then eventually shouts ‘Bingo!’ when a line or

Why do mums love bingo so much?

love bingo

Online bingo’s popularity is constantly rising. Offering its users the chance to unwind, embrace their competitive side, whilst earning some cash on the way it is easy to see why online bingo is popular. Not to mention the fact that

Bingo’s never ending journey


Bingo is a game that became instantly popular when it was first patented back in the 1930s by a New York toy salesman called Edwin S Lowe. The American church network quickly realised what a great fundraiser game bingo could

Most Exciting And Fun Full Bingo Games


With invention of technology internet plays a great role in every body’s life. People can do all things in their home itself. They no need to go out for anything. Most people like to play bingo games and many of